Kathmand Durbar Square

Kathmandu Durbar Square is a major attraction for tourists regarless of their interests but particularly a top prize for those with historical, cultural and trational cutting edge. The square houses former exotic royal  palaces, wonderful temples and amazing courtyards. The architectural excellence dating back from centuries ago certainly provides the visitors with wonder and amazement. The site has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1979 in order to preserved and restore it  for generations and generations  to come.

Most of the sophisticated architectural temples, artistics statues and other structures found here are age old antiques that roughly date back to the 16th and 17th centuries including some properties dating back to the 12th century. Therefore, the square has utmost historical and cultural importance  which reflects the ancient civilization  and the golden ages of the nation.
Besides the religious temples and other structure, the renowned Hanuman Dhoka Palace, intricately designed remains the center of attraction to all those visiting the square for the premises were formerly resided by the former Royal families.   The site is a perfect combination of the religious faith and artistic taste of the former royalties  and residents which is clearly demonstrated in the naming of the palace in the honor of monkey god, Hanuman, a character depicted in the Ramayan, a Valmiki's timeless classic ancient Hindu epic.
In  overall,  wood and metal carvings of incomparable quality, the complex architecture and the atmosphere of the ancient history all are well preserved and displayed here for the visitors coming even from long long away. Apart from these attractions,  the Mahendra Museum and the Tribhuvan Memorial Museum are even better in preserving and displaying the antiques and others historically related properties in their best form just to provide a broaden knowledge of the past history of Nepal.