Patan Durbar Square

Patan Durbar Square is located at the centre of the Lalitpur city  and is a site of highest historical and cultural importance, therefore, listed in World heritages sites in 1979. It is not only in the center of the city but also centers   the historical, religious and cultural heritages. The square comprises of the royal palace, the temples and other structures as the other Dubar Squares in the valleys with even better fine architecture and art, that has made the city, a city of fine art. This square is also a perfect combination of religious devotion and architectural appreciation of former kings and other members of the royal families whose endeavours produced such a  complex combination of palaces, temples, stupas and other artistic structures and sculptures just to offer their piety to their deities.
Among  the seven World Heritage Sites,  Patan Durbar Square is a best example of fine art as well as best religious melting pot of Hindus or Buddhist which is best displayed by monuments of Hindus and Budhist side by side, so incrately designed and carved  that reflect the unique Newari architectural skills and carving skills. Not  only the Durbar Square but also the surroundings houses reflect the  ancient Newari architecture with their unique presence.

Being the square designed in such an alignment that the Royal Palace, consisting the golden gate and golden windows,  and the temples, with exotic designs and carvings,  face each other shows the true religious devotion and belief of the comtempory medieval people that has remained till today. The square is a marvelous  example of fine art consisting of three major courtyards distinctly differing from one another which are locally called Mul chowk, the center attraction, Sundari Chowk, the ancient royal sunken bathing area and Keshav Narayan courtyard that features accomplished wood carvings, red-brick facade and golden door and window.