Himalayas are the easiest  pick for adventurers to fall for Nepal, let’s forget about them having to say it would always be inadequate even we best praise their gracefulness, beauty and massiveness, therefore we just need to accept that and turn around to some other resources put into shade as well.

Although, sidelined by the great Himalayas, rivers in Nepal, have also given the nation significant amount of pride as far as tourism is concerned and when we talk about degree of richness in water resources in the world arena we come to know that Nepal is the riches in the world just behind the South American country, Brazil. This is just sufficient to explain, what we can offer regarding water related sports.

River activities remain one of the most exciting holiday recreations in Nepal that involves greater safety requirement, experienced professionals and right technical equipments.  When, well organized, these activities will produce most thrilling experience in the rivers of Nepal which offer swirling rapids, spectacular steep waterfalls of exceptional caliber, in a picturesque background and shallow water to gasp some fresh air before you pass through another.

Rafting calls for a well organized and coordinated group, or you should learn to do that and watch out for each other. Having the privilege of the diverse geography, the rivers have been given the license to fast flow before they reach the plains of the terrain. The rapids are thrilling and humpy, however you could do the ones fitted for you, besides you should consider your length of your holiday as the  rafting  destinations spread along the longitude of the country from far east to far west countryside.

Rafting in Nepal offers plenty of excitement to both first timers and hardcore rafters. Depending on the level of experience, selection could be made to corresponding grade of destinations.

  • Trishuli River                  Grade 3+
  • Seti River                       Grade 3-5
  • Sunkoshi River                Grade 4-5
  • Tamakoshi River             Grade 4-5
  • Bhotekoshi                     Grade 4-5
  • Karnali River                   Grade 4-5
  • Marshangdi River             Grade 4-5
  • Kali Gandaki                   Grade 5-5+
  • Tamakoshi River             Grade 4-6