Tourism in Nepal

Sandwiched between China Tourism and Incredible India, Naturally Nepal-Once is not enough, has never fallen behind in opening doors to millions of tourists devoted to natural and cultural shrines every year. Despite its size, it offers a wide range of attractions worldwide, and many more new innovations,  the likes of  new trail options  and new activities just to provide new experiences to the visitors from all around  the globe, all possible  just because of the privileges we have, the diverse geographical features within this narrowed boundaries.

Once a wise man said,   Nepal is a beautiful, peaceful and a large country, we might have  reasons that the former two expressions certainly best describes the country, however, the last one is quite irrevalent one might imagine but to our surprise that expression is as true as the other previous two, having such a diversified geography that brings in  diverse climatic condition which in itself shelters variety of wildlife and vegetation. Apart from this, there are still many places that demand days of walking only to reach, naturally pristine destinations, when it clearly takes just two days  or so to reach Nepal from far west world, hence we have to accept that its just too big.

Idulgence would never be able to sideline the greatness  of  the Himalayas that pioneered the  Tourism in Nepal, particularly the Mt. Everest, the highest peak in the world, the pride of Nepal and the other seven great “Eight Thousanders” mountains among the twelve highest mountains in the world. So are the world’s renowned places like Lumbini the  birth place of Lord Buddha.

Trekking and Mountaineering might reign the tourism attractions in Nepal, nevertheless, cultural and historical heritages and other special activities like, wildlife safaris, flora and fuana , bird watching, rafting, paragliding, cannoying, sightseeing and mountain flights are not of the least attractiveness and adventure.Therefore, Nepal is  a big areana for breath taking adventures  to nature and adventure lovers  in a world where green is vanishing with every tick of  a clock.

Lets not forget the people of Nepal, one of the most loyal, kind and friendly individuals you would ever be able to  meet around the world, living in a harmony with cultural differences, different languages in different regions of the country with exceptional hospitality ethics despite of the hardships.

The untouched and undisturbed nature, historical heritges and the guest relation are just the reasons why visitors can’t  help  coming to Nepal again and again,

Welcome to Nepal, the safe haven of Green and Mountains.