Bandipur is  another new addition to the existing hill stations in Nepal which is located 65 km east of the Pokhara valley and four km off the Kathmandu-Pokhara highway in the south of Dumre. Although, quite far from the capital, the close ties with the capital in terms of architure and culture that define this beautiful hill station as being inhibited by Newars  who came here for a lone reason, business in the distant past and brought the culture and heritages along with them.

Together with trading and business, the inhabitants of Bandipur have also maintained the culture and tradition through well preserved shrines, temples, Newari architecture and culture in overall and other natural attractions like the holy caves in and around the town that have made the town popular among the locals coming for grocery shopping or pilgrimage and for those who travel distance in search of natural peace, beauty and panaromic views of mountains, hills, forests and the surroundings including cultural observation and understanding.

Among the spectacular attractions in Bandipur, the unrivalled vintage view of  the Gorkha Himal and the ideal landscapes for short hiking that features unique villages, thick forests and hilltop shrines are the most inviting ones for all the travelers of hill station taste.