Kathmandu Valley which possesses rich history, abundance of cultural heritages and architectures is relatively fascinating sightseeing attraction to the travelers coming from around the world. Although, most of the travelers are inclined to trekking or some other adventures, sightseeing is also quite refreshing for anyone apart from  those who have cultural and historical interests. In addition, the vast diversity of ethnic communities offers the travelers even more opportunities to study and understand their cultures, languages and traditions closely, in another word the reality of the local neighborhood. 

As far as religion is concerned, the two predominant religions, Hinduism and Buddhism, blended in harmony from the ztime immemorial have enriched the valley with the creation of artistic statutes of gods and goddesses, numerous temples, stupas and monasteries of such artistic excellence and so intricately designed that they attract more and more visitors every year and at the same time manifesting their deepest faith in those religions.

Not only the religious sites but also the historical sites like the Kathamandu Durbar Square which has an enormous  historical and religious importance, Hanuma Dhoka, Kumari Bahal, Taleju Temple and  Kasthamandap being old age jewels of Durbar Square;  Shingha Darbar, a reflection of former splendor of Rana reign; Martyr’s Memorial, a tribute to freedom fighters; Bhimsen Tower, a military observatory; National Museum, a conservatory of antiques  and recently introduced Narayanhiti Palace, the newest royal palace used by the recent Shaha kings   all add an extra richness in the overall sightseeing activity, giving the visitors even more options and opportunities to intimately look upon and better understand the history of the nation.

Moreover, Natural Historical Meseum, Botanical garden at Godawari and the Jawalakhel zoo would certainly be fruitful for those edgy nature lovers for observing varieties of birds and animals and the vegetations, yet again, the panoramic views of mountains and beautiful landscapes, valley views from closed by Nagarjung hill all will definitely enhance the overall sightseeing experience to even more romantic and memorable one. 

Not the least, Thamel , the most popular tourist hub for over half a century and center of the tourism industry in Nepal, offers a wide range of hotels, guesthouses, pubs, bars and restaurants of various standards for both luxurious and budget class travelers but quite maintaining the international standard of accommodation and exotic class of  gastronomy. In addition, it is considered as the pre-base for all those trekkers and extreme mountaineers where all the necessary equipments, gears, clothing and other items are in easy grasp and the most updated area in the city regarding the newest tourism trends in the world.