About the Country

Nepal is a beautiful, green and mountainous landlocked country with an area of 147, 181 sq.km with its boarder extended to China in the north and to India in the rest of three directions, for its capital is Kathmandu at the heart of the nation. The population of the country updated until now is 28.58 million that is well harmonically settled in different terrains in a peaceful and understanding environment despite diverse culture, languge and racial differences.

The effective political system has been Multi-Party Democracy for quite some years and majority of population are inclined to Hiduism and Buddhism when it comes to religious perspective, however other religions like Christianity and Muslims are quite significant as well.

Despite its size but diverse geography, the climatic contions are surprisingly different from place to place, however the climate can be well defined into four major seasons  which are Winter ( Dec- Feb), Spring ( March – May), Summer( June – Aug) and Autumn ( Sept- Nov) provided that  the best times to visit Nepal  would be ideally after monsoon between September and November and after winter between February and May when the weather is fairly enthasusitic  and the temperatures not that high or not that low.

Therefore, conscidereing your option of the season while travelling to Nepal, light clothing is recommended in the travel before Winter and warm clothing in the travel starting in Septembher  to March.  However, if you quite like to travel in monsoon season, an umbrella or a raincoat is a must before setting out.