Motorcycle Ride

Motorcycle tours in Nepal, will take the rider to the most astonishing nature that one could ever imagine without dependening on others. It offers an opportunity to self explore the trail and the surroundings with all the time one can take, rest wherever a break is needed with teahouses or a lodge near by offering all the needs and understand the culture and the tradition of the every village that passes by.

Pit stops for ever unforgettable  scenic views, the pleasing combinations of the nature’s elements like hills, forests and plains and the melodic sound of the waterfalls that is perfectly harmonized to the songs of the birds and the  gush of the wind echoed from the rocks and the hills that rumbles in the sense of the hearing again and again.

Nothing quite compares to the thrill of exploring the valley on a motorbike. With natural beauty abounding around Pokhara the ride is an adventure packed with thrills and excitement. The friendly locals make the trip delightful and one can venture anywhere in the unrestricted valley. All you need for a great time is a good bike and a reliable map.