Manaslu Region Trek

Admittingly not many have heard about Manaslu region as far as trekking is concerned except for those trekkers in search of newest and different trekking destination around the globe through vigorous use of  the search engines to find new ideas and places to travel. Nevertheless, Manaslu region is surfacing in the world stage as an emerging trekking destination in Nepal and rest of the world.

Every trekking destination in Nepal features its unique characteristics and Manaslu region is no different at all, when it comes for analyzing what it can offer to those planning to visit this region for once and for all. Or, for all those who have done the trekking to Everest and Annapurna region in the previous visits to Nepal, Manaslu or the other similar regions would be striking to avoid repetition this year.

Still the most convenient way to trek around Manaslu region remains camping trek if the group is reasonably big, although there are tea houses along the trail. Again, considering the frequency of the visitors, if several groups stumble at the same time then it would be way over the capacity of the tea houses  to accommodate all, therefore it is highly recommended to have a plan for camping tents and other related materials and man power before setting out with a big group.

Major Features

  • Relatively young and emerging region as far as its opening is concerned.
  • Spectacular views of Himalayas so mesmerizing and unique
  • Culturally rich  multi-ethinic social groups with prominient differences in harmony
  • Udoubtedly delightful and adventureful, geographical variations
  • High altitude glacier lake  
  • Glimse of Tibet and its influence in the region through Tibetan settlements and their lifestyle
  • Shyala, a panaromic view point
  • Snow covered trails
  • Characteristic passes